Quick Guide: How to Manage Stress for the Best Wedding Photos

OK brides-to-be, the big day is going to be here before you know it. Perfection is usually what’s strived for but, to be frank, it is never guaranteed. So, the best bet, enjoy every moment of the planning and prepping because the less stressed you are, the more you will glow for the best wedding photos you could ask for.

Let the Planning Begin

It is common for the bride-to-be to naturally take responsibility for the immense to-do list in the planning of a wedding.  Thank goodness for the maid of honor who helps too, right!?

Starting all the way from planning the engagement photos and hiring a professional photographer, to then setting a date, a venue, the guest list, the invitations, the menu, finding a wedding dress, the colors, the decorations, who will be in the wedding party and what will they wear, the rehearsal dinner, gifts for the wedding party, staying within the budget, where to honeymoon and booking reservations…the list goes on, doesn’t it?

OK – take a deep breath, a lot of them. We are here to talk about managing the stress of preparing for and on the day of the wedding day. Why? Because your wedding is supposed to be fun, memorable and a joyful experience.  It is also one of the most photographed days of your life – believe me, you do not want to look stressed!!

Stress Does Not Look Good for Your Wedding Photos

First off, stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, minds and appearance.

  1. Stress affects eating habits. Some eat when stressed out, and often choose unhealthy foods due to increased cortisol levels and craving sweets, fats, salt, or all the above. Or some don’t eat, creating malnutrition, fatigue, brain fog, and the hangries. Whatever type of stressor you are, neither are going to look good for the wedding photos. The weight gain or weight loss that may occur with these common stress eating habits may even cause a last-minute wedding dress alteration, which will increase the stress level too!
  2. Stress causes sleep deprivation and dehydration – neither show up well on camera and will require extra touch-ups with the makeup brush. Dark circles under the eyes and pasty, dry skin will not show you in your best light.
  3. Stress can cause water retention = bloat. Lack of sleep and dehydration messes with the body’s system causing the body to hold on to water to maintain the internal balance. Bloat never feels good and can put a damper on self-esteem.

These are just a few of many adverse effects of stress, not to mention the negative impact on overall health and well-being.

You want to be on top of your game throughout the planning and on the day of your wedding.

Relieve and Decrease Stress to Look Your Best for Your Wedding Photos

Duet-Denny Photography, experienced and professional Arizona wedding photographers, advise their brides-to-be to take these steps to decrease the amount of stress as possible.

  1. Detach from the outcome – as much as we desire, we cannot always be in control. If things do not work out the way we planned or hoped for, then let it go. The day will go as it will go, holding on to every detail will keep your mind focused in the wrong area.  This is your day to be with your love, embrace it and be there in the moment. The mishaps often create for great memories and stories later, not to mention great candid wedding photography!
  2. Let others help – your maid of honor and bridesmaids want to be involved. Delegate as much as you can to them to lighten your load.
  3. Take care of yourself – rest, eat healthy balanced meals, take some moments for yourself doing things that you enjoy that take your mind off the wedding for a few. Get a massage, take a walk, grab a book, pamper yourself. And, this bears repeating, breathe!

Most Importantly, Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You’ve worked so hard on all the details, now, on your wedding day let the day come to you. The peace, serenity, joy and excitement that you are feeling will show up so much better in your wedding photos than a stressed-out hot mess!

Duet-Denny wants to help make your day as flawless and stress-free as possible. Knowing that you chose a package of affordable wedding photography with top-notch photographers in Prescott AZ will help alleviate the stress too.

Call Duet-Denny for your stress-free wedding photography!

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