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Make it Memorable with Maternity Photography in AZ

Maternity photography is the golden opportunity to capture the glowing mom and the baby on the way. While pregnancy may be quite an uncomfortable time, during the maternity photo shoot, the mom-to-be feels like a real star.

Today, we will tend to future Arizona moms. Read on to find our best advice on maternity photography in AZ. We hope to inspire you to mark the beginning of the invaluable new experience.

Maternity Photos to Start the Journey of Your New Family Photography

Future moms, especially during their first pregnancy, tend to avoid cameras. We understand that you feel bloated and awkward, and that makes you self-conscious. However, don’t miss out on this chance due to feeling iffy.

Pregnancy is splendid, and you’re a beautiful woman carrying a new life. You will only be pregnant a few times in your life. Capturing the beauty, glow, and feminine energy now can be so valuable in the years to come.

Maternity photography creates memories. Such a session is an excellent way to start a tradition that will last until your children have their own families. 

Besides, imagine the excitement of your children when they see pictures of their pregnant mommy from when they were no more than a bump!

Photography in Arizona Offers Creative Maternity Photo Ideas

Depending on the time of the year, you might want to take your pictures inside or outside. There are some maternity photography classics that you can’t avoid, but don’t stick to the belly profile!

You can make it more creative by playing around and consulting with your photographer. Take advantage of the season and create a vibrant color scheme. Include your partner and even your older children if you have them – family maternity photos double the wonder!

Think about what you feel comfortable with before the session. The best time for it is usually around the 35th week of pregnancy, so your bump will be prominent. Choose clothes and accessories that make you feel beautiful.

Then, hire a professional photographer that will handle the task with skill. They will help you get the most out of the experience.

Arizona Photographers Know the Lay of the Land for the Best Places to Shoot

There’s a fascinating beauty in Arizona landscapes. Arizona photographers have been exploring the natural wonders for years. The best photography spots in Arizona, as well as the methods to enhance it even further, are thus available to you.

Many pregnant women choose to take their maternity pictures outside. The reason for that is the contrast between the nature around you and within you. The beautiful landscapes will only accentuate the magnificence of your pregnancy.

Finding the Best Photographers in Prescott AZ

If you live in Prescott, Arizona, you will want to find a local photographer for the most comfortable experience. Let’s see how to do so.

How to Choose the Right Arizona Family Photographer

If you don’t already have a photographer in mind, you might want to take your time and find the best one. Remember, this is one of the photoshoots you can’t repeat whenever you feel like it.

Once you find a professional that seems interesting, browse through their gallery. Your choice should be a person experienced in maternity photography. Such artists will make you feel more relaxed while they make the most of your session.

Also, while listing through images, think about the style you want to achieve. For example, if you are hoping for artistic, black, and white photos, find a photographer with a style that matches that. 

Finally, ask around. Referrals are your best bet. If possible, think long term and go for a person that can do a newborn photoshoot, too. If you’re already friends with them, it will be much easier later when you’re crazed with your new baby. 

Top Picks in Prescott 

To save you the trouble, we went around ourselves and took a look at some of the best photographers from the area. Here are our top three choices.

Cynthia Ray 

Cynthia Ray is a mother of three herself, as well as a professional photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography. Her style revolves around capturing little details that speak volumes. Also, her vast gallery is enough to inspire you for your session.

Michelle Burke

Another proud mother specializing in baby pictures, Michelle Burke hopes to capture the beauties of the entire journey from pregnancy to birthdays. 

As she says, ‘we will always be parents.’ We should cherish these moments – they are the high points of our most significant task in life.

Aris Affairs

If you got married in Prescott, chances are you heard about Aris Affairs when you were planning your wedding. They also deal with babies and bellies. Besides, if you’re looking for a session indoors, studios are their expertise!

Of course, Duet Denny Photography specializes in Prescott maternity photography packages and are very fluent with the magical and bucolic landscape for breathtaking photography in Arizona. View their gallery here for a taste of their talent.

Tips for the Best Maternity Photography Package

We’ve persuaded you not to miss out on capturing the moments at the end of your pregnancy. We’ve also given you some fantastic options for the choice of your photographer. Let’s finish by providing a few tips that will help you take full advantage of the photoshoot.

  • Prepare for it. Especially if you’re self-conscious about your body at this moment, you may not feel entirely ready for the session. Book it a few days in advance and take the time to look at yourself and get prepared on an emotional level.
  • Play with poses. Yes, holding your hands on your belly is a classic, but you can also lie down. Whether standing or sitting, make sure that you are comfortable with each pose and refuse those that make you feel clumsy.
  • Include your partner, if you have one. You’ve created a thing of beauty together, so don’t be afraid to show your love in these intimate photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to get emotional. You’re not hitting the runway, but creating memories. Get to know your photographer before the session, so you feel comfortable with showing emotions on set.
  • Show the bump. Finally, when choosing what to wear, don’t go for anything hiding your beautiful pregnant body. Show it – go for loose dresses or even something that reveals the belly. That’s the point.

Remember, you are a beautiful momma-to-be, this is a perfect time to take advantage of that glow everyone says you have! Enjoy this intimate moment with your unborn child and your partner. You’ll be happy you did.

Check out Duet Denny Photography for more information on maternity photos in Arizona. We create the perfect setting for you and baby belly to shine. 

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