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7 Creative Ideas for Great Newborn Photos

Newborn babies are so precious. It is hard not to want to capture every moment on camera with these little beings. So, you’ve been scouring Pinterest for the best newborn photo ideas and are trying to come up with unique and creative ways to express the cuteness of your bundle.

Newborn photos are a lot of fun to shoot with so many ideas and especially when newborn photography props are incorporated.

Let’s Get Creative with Your Newborn Photos

1. A 12-month Transgression Collage

What’s fun is to capture moments of your baby’s life over the course of baby’s first 12 months of life. It is really amazing to see the baby’s features being formed and changing, pointing out which feature belongs to which parent. And it is just so cool to see the changes from month to month!

2. Baby Face Expressions

Baby’s are so curious, looking around and exploring the world through their eyes. Introduce new visual stimulations into the photo session and capture a whole new expression. Bring in mom, bring in dad and see baby’s eyes light up and a big toothless smile appear!

3. Portraying Baby’s Personality

Baby’s are so unique, each one with their own personality, whether active, adventurous, curious, relaxed and laid bad, unaffected, excited, happy, or some have a grumpy expression. It’s fun to play on the baby’s personality, dressing or setting a scene that emphasizes their unique traits.

Get Newborn Photography Props to Enhance Creativity

4. Siblings

What is unique to each baby is their siblings. Asking the siblings to get involved in the photoshoot with their little brother or sister is really special. It often creates intimate and loving moments and we got the camera to capture them!

5. Special Items

Baby’s first stuffed toy or blanket, or a special gift from grandma and grandpa, these are such memorable ways to incorporate sentimental items in with baby. They also make great gifts to share with those who shared great gifts for baby too.

6. Incorporate the Theme of the Nursery

You designed the baby’s nursey with colors and decorations that you enjoy, what a better way to keep adding to the nursery than with newborn baby photography that fits in with that theme.  As themes, colors, and preferences change, update the baby photos to reflect the changes too.

7. Set the Scene in Nature

Newborn photography AZ lends itself to so many unique settings, scenes and backdrops. Was your baby born at 5:30 in the morning or at dusk? Recapture the moment your baby entered this world with the rising or the setting of the Arizona sun. Or if born at 1am, integrate the numerous stars of the southwestern midnight sky.

The possibilities of newborn photos are endless. Your baby is so unique that you will naturally get unique and creative baby photos in your photography package.

Photographers in Prescott AZ Make the Perfect Photo Package for Your Newborn

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