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7 Unique and Memorable Engagement Photo Ideas

Every love story is different, and every couple is unique. Now that you have said, “Yes!” to spending a lifetime with your significant other, it’s time to take some unforgettable photos. 

Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! We believe it’s important to have professional photos taken documenting those special moments.

Engagement photo sessions have become a popular trend, and we can see why! Maybe right now you are thinking that engagement photos aren’t your kind of thing, but one day you will be glad to have photos to show your loved ones. 

We have compiled a list of seven ideas that will help make your engagement photos unique and memorable, just like your love.

Places to Consider for your Engagement Photos

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For your engagement photos, try to choose a setting that is special to you both. Maybe it’s the place you first met or the place where your fiance popped the question. It doesn’t matter where it is. 

It could be a soccer field, the beach, the woods, or just your front yard. It does not have to be a fancy setting, just a place that means something to both of you. A professional photographer should be able to find a way to make the photos stand out. 

We recommend searching for a photographer who knows the area really well. A local photographer will know all the places that are particularly picturesque and be able to make recommendations. 

Make sure to do some research. See what places around your area are common backdrops for engagement photos. That way, it’s possible to visit the popular places and choose one that best suits you and your significant other. 

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

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Choosing what to wear might be a little overwhelming. After all, these are photos you will be looking at for the rest of your life. So how do you pick out an outfit for something like that? You don’t have to select the fanciest thing in your closet. 

Engagement dresses are popular, but they are not a requirement. You can choose to wear the sweatshirt you were wearing when you kissed for the first time, or the t-shirt you wore on your first date. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace the uniqueness of your relationship. Wearing clothes with a story behind them will also be a great conversation starter when sharing your engagement photos with others.

Tips for What to Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothes. You want to feel like yourself. If you’re someone who wears a t-shirt and jeans every day, then don’t change up your style just for the engagement photos. 
  • Show up to the photoshoot in colors that complement each other. There is no need to match your partner exactly, but colors that go well together are a good option. 
  • Choose pastels, cool colors, or neutral tones. Try not to wear neon colors. Neons will not blend in well with most backgrounds.

Engagement Photo Ideas with Props

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Engagement photos can also be a great way to announce your engagement to family and friends! Props can be used to give the photos a little extra pizzaz. Choose something that has been significant to you.

Each of you has prized possessions that you will soon be sharing under one roof. Putting those special items in your photos will add a personal touch. 

Consider what kind of talents you each have. Here’s a few for thought: If you love baking, you could bake a cake, and write the date of your engagement on it with icing. Perhaps you are a skilled baseball player. You could get a special jersey made to wear in the photos.

Engagement Photo Theme Ideas

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Set the stage of your photos with the perfect theme. There are many to choose from. If you are getting married around a holiday, for example, your theme could be related to that holiday. 

Some of the most popular themes are beachy, outdoorsy, rustic, modern, or homey. Do some research in regard to the theme as well so that you can choose one that fits your love story. 

A couple that does lots of hiking together might choose the outdoorsy them. Pictures taken in the woods, hand in hand would qualify as an “outdoorsy” theme.

Engagement Ring Photos

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Tell a story with the ring!! The one you have received or purchased is worth showing off. Get engagement ring photos that zoom in on the ring. Take photos while holding hands, or with the ring against a background. 

For example, if your first date was a coffee shop, you could get a close up of the ring while holding a steaming cup of coffee. So romantic!

Think About the Wedding Photos

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Plan ahead. We know it’s a while till the actual wedding but planning ahead never hurts. Using the same photographer as your engagement photos for your wedding photos offers you more of an advantage, convenience, and ease. 

By using the same photographer, as long as you enjoyed and were satisfied with your engagement photography package and experience, you both already know what to expect for the wedding photography. You already know each other and how to work with each other, and the photographer will have a better understanding of your style and personality. 

Hiring a Professional Photographer Can Give the Photoshoot that Extra Boost You Need

Nothing compares to the level of quality that a professional photographer can bring. An engagement is arguably one of the most important questions you will ever be asked, so having professional-quality pictures is a must. 

If you want to ensure that your images are worthy of hanging on the wall forever, then hire a professional photographer

Engagement Photos to Last a Lifetime

You won’t regret having engagement photos that are an authentic reflection of your love. You will have the chance to be creative and choose whatever location, clothing, and style best represents you as a couple. 

No matter what you choose, you will have a collection of memories to hold on to forever. They will be priceless to you one day!

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