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5 Simple Tips to Having the Best Professional Photography Session

Whether you are preparing for a family photography session, engagement photos, senior photos, or going to an event where cameras will be flashing, you want to look your best and feeling fine whether you’re posing or caught in the candid.

Here are some general tips to put into action to prepare you for your time in the spotlight.


It is one of the first things we think of before an event where there is going to be a lot of pictures taken. Our hair can make or break our appearance, as well as our confidence level. If you’re in need for a fresh look, stick to a trim at least one week before the photo shoot to allow for the hair to naturally fall back into place.

If possible, though it can be tempting to rock the new hip and trending style, try to avoid a new style right before the shoot. You may walk out of the salon feeling great, but that new ‘do may be hard to replicate the way you like for the camera, putting a damper on the photo session.

If a new style is desired and you want to wing it, give it three to four weeks to allow enough time for adjusting and styling practice.

Face –

Flawless skin is always desired before facing the camera, though sometimes mother nature plays tricks on us. Facials are a great way to prep the skin for a fresh, dewy and glowing look, but to play it safe with any unexpected reactions to products, allow at least one week before your photo session.

Make-up should be natural looking. Apply make-up in a large mirror with natural lighting to make sure not to over apply and that all concealers and bronzers are blended in evenly.

If you happen to wake up with a blemish on your face the day of the photo shoot, do not pick at it. Leave the blemish the size it is at, picking will cause more swelling, redness and bleeding. The original blemish is easier to cover up than a swollen bloody one. Plus, your professional photographer will have the right tools to correct any unwanted blemishes after the photo shoot is complete as well.

Men – if you typically wear a beard then keep the facial hair, though be sure to clean up any scruff around the face, cheeks, neck. Clean cut looks a lot classier than leaving the scruff.


Figure out what to wear for engagement photos or decide on family photography outfits in advance, prior to the day of the photo shoot. Decide on colors that are appealing and flattering to everyone in the shoot, laying low of any vibrant, loud tones. Often the background of the photo will enhance the features of those in the photo with lighting and contrasts. Though, bring a few options of clothes in case there is clashing. Be comfortable in what you wear so no insecurities are showing through, being natural, in your element always looks best.

Proper Self Care

Sleep, hydrate, eat! For the best maternity photos, senior photos, or any photo, you want to be on your game and feeling great, inside and out.

  • Lack of sleep can produce crankiness and short patience, both do not look good in photos.
  • Dehydration will show in the skin and eyes – water keeps things fresh and dewy.
  • Not eating enough will also cause a case of the hangries, also not a good look for the photo album. Plus, getting grouchy and short-tempered in the photo shoot can take away from the experience and be portrayed in the final product. Not to mention, if you do wolf down a snack mid-shoot, bloating, indigestion or a stain on the shirt is never good.

Hire a Photographer You Can Trust!

These are a few simple tips that will help to make your photo shoot smooth, easy, and flawless. Duet-Denny Photography is more than happy to assist with any questions you have before a photo shoot. We are professional Arizona photographers who bring our passion to create your cherished masterpiece.

Scope our gallery and give us a call to book your next photo shoot with talented local photographers Prescott AZ.

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